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Cover Letter Template for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

 Write Powerful Cover Letters for Job Related Training (Occupational Qualifications)

Internships, Learnerships and Apprenticeships are occupationally directed training programs. Each considers work experience (on-the-job) as essential features of the training. 

When you write a cover letter to participate in an occupational qualification program, you must show that you understand that it’s an opportunity to learn and gain on-the-job experience.

This means you must be able to show an understanding of at least one of the following:

  1. You know about the company and can explain your reasons for applying.
  2. You know what the qualification is for and can communicate why you want to do this work.

Sometimes companies ask recruitment agencies to select candidates for interviewing.

When they do this, you may not find the hiring company’s name. That’s ok, just research the qualification thoroughly so that you understand what sorts of jobs it prepares you for.

Adapt the Cover Letter template below

Use this template as a guide and make it your own by adding in information that is relevant to you.

In order to live your dream, you must be able to get up and act on your own initiative. If you find yourself looking for a letter to simply copy and send off you’re not that committed to making an effort.

You need to be able to explain who you are, what you have achieved and what you intend achieving in your own words.

Add your specific information and check that everything you add is correct. You don’t have to write more than one page for your cover letter and you may use bullet points if you want to list details.

Cover Letter Template

Dear Learnership Selection Panel / or specific name if you have it. (Don’t put the receptionists’ name, call and ask who will be conducting the interviews.)

Learnership / Apprenticeship Application: Insert the name of the program you are applying for

I wish to submit my CV and copies of certificates in order to be considered for the  above program.

I believe I am a suitable candidate for the following reasons:

  1. Being on this program will provide me with work experience that I can add to my CV,  increasing my job opportunities in the future.
  2. Although I am interested in the insert name (eg. tourism, health and welfare, business administration etc.) sector, I currently lack the skills to be employed there but am determined to become employable and succeed at my dream job.
  3. I want to be employed in this sector because I am good at list skills relevant to the job / industry. Examples: dealing with people, working under pressure, hard physical work, dealing with different cultures, planning events, working in an office, solving maths problems etc.
  4. Add any relevant personal or work experience, personal goals etc to show that you do have a real interest in the qualification field you are applying for. Examples: I have leadership skills and was a sports captain, prefect etc. I was a member of the Enviro Club at school, this developed my love of nature etc. Offering babysitting services in my community has taught me about running a small business.

I understand the commitment that will be required of me on this Learnership / Apprenticeship / Internship. I understand that I must work hard  and be dedicated throughout. This is an opportunity that I am willing to make sacrifices for as it can change my life.

Please find  my CV, ID and certificates attached. I would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed and to answer any further questions you might have for me.


 Your Prospective Learner

  • You can change the language to suit who you are and make it relevant to the work environment you want to be in.
  • Don’t write like you’re sms’ing last night’s romance or your mates from down the road.

Be the Best ‘You’

A cover letter introduces who you are in a quick, smart and friendly manner. The cover letter must create a positive impression of you to motivate the reader into calling you for an interview.

Check your spelling and grammar!

You need to show that you are someone who tries to do the correct thing. It’s ok to make a mistake, but if you’re using technology such as computers to write – then use the grammar tools that come along with it. The person reading can either consider you to be an efficient or a sloppy person.

What should I write?

The truth!  

What should I explain?

What your skills are (or what you can do). Why and what you want to do once you have this qualification.

How do I communicate professionalism without ever having worked? What if they ask for experience and I have none?

You communicate your vision for yourself and the determination you feel to pursue this field.

Enter the Competition

  • Look for an advert for an occupational training program that you want to apply for. Choose a program related to a job you want to do or the sector you want to work in. 
  • Find a qualification that you really want because it will place you on a career path of your choice.  Sure, try out different qualifications, but be careful of signing up for one that you don’t care about.Studying is difficult but it’s easier when you love what you’re studying. It makes the pain feel worth it!

The important thing to realize is that you are in an aggressive competition for the position and need to look smarter than others sharing your ambitions.

Stand out!

  • Seriously, check your good luckspelling, use proper language or you’ll be left out in the cold.
  • Take pride and show that you are a careful, responsible person who is aware of their impact.
  • Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in the comments section below.

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Comments (60)

    1. Thabiso Mokoena

      I’m Thabiso Mokoena from Mamelodi, Pta. I’m 26 and turning 27 in June and I am currently unemployed. The only qualification I’m in possession of right now is matric with just an admission for a Higher Certificate and almost 1 year experience as a machine operator.

      I want to draft a letter to the Hiring manager at AFRIT asking for an inservice training opportunity. AFRIT is 1 of the biggest trailer manufacturing companies in Africa and has been in the industry for more than 40 years.

      Would you kindly assist me in writing the motivational letter.

    2. Seriously Thabiso, I have rarely received a comment so perfectly structured and well written! 🙂 You hardly need my help as you already stand out – but sure, lets see what we can do. Draft your letter, post it here in the comments section and I’ll take a look at it.

    3. Hello. I would like an assistance, m going to learnership interwies next week at correctional services. Please one with help

    4. Hi Sithandiwe
      Check our interview posts! There are plenty articles explaining how to prepare for your interview. Read them and rock! Good luck, let us know how it went.

  1. hi my name is vuyei i do not have metric iwould like to be a professional nursr pls helpe I’ve go grade11&level 4


    hi my name is vuyelwa I eave at hammer sdale I’m a merried woman I’v got 2 kids icom from poor family so infuture I would like to be a professional nurse so I cant aford the fees pls help me

  3. Africa Mafuna

    I have never been employed before, and subsequently have no work experience. That worries me because I don’t think that will make my CV look good.
    I would like pointers on what I need to do to make my CV stand out, for good reasons, despite my level of work experience or lack thereof.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Africa, send me your email. You have written so beautifully and eloquently, I’ll try to assist you. Leonie

    2. hi, i have completed my matric in 2007 but my result are so bad, i did travel and tourism, i also have joined the learning programme doing end user computing level 3 and currently i am intern in business management. so i would like you to please help me finding a permanent job as my internship will be ending by end of February. THANK YOU!

    3. Hi my name is Andra Khanyase i’m 23 years old i’m turning 24 on July 6, i dont have high qualification, i only have metric, with N1 of electrical engineering, and computer literacy. i have experience of computer literacy for four years . can you please help me.

  4. Hi my name is virginia,I’m from limpopo but now I’m resiting at mpumalanga,I’ve completed my course for electrical engineering,what I’m wishing is to get a leanership to gain my experience as I’ve only done the theory part.The leanership will help me lot in gaining experience.Pls help me finding the job.It will be my pleasure if I can be assist with

  5. Let me take this time and thank you guys for this opportunity.

    I wish this will get to you in time. My name is Eunice chauke given this opportunity will surely help me with the experience that I sure this won’t be very hard for me to cope with becouse I take care of my mother. I’ve been doing that on her sick days it was not easy but doing it out of love made it so easy.thats what I am interning to do with others.

    I really enjoy helping people,I am a hard worker and working under pressure won’t be a problem,it won’t matter on which conditions I’ll get to work on. I’ll give the best of my ability.

    I did computer and I’ve been an administrator for a back to the community it’s what I do and enjoy helping people refreshes my soul

    I know given this opportunity means I need to give my all.thats surely what I’ll do.i will commit myself fully and dedicate myself

    Your protective letter

    1. Hi Eunise! Please contact the HW SETA, ETDP SETA or SSETA as they may offer learnerships or apprenticeships that would interest your caring personality. Please don’t say that you don’t care about your work conditions because yu are responsible for your own life and MUST care. If you don’t – who will? Look for opportunities that you believe you deserve, never stop looking. Be prepared to struggle while you look because it wont happen easily. You must be courageous and willing to fight for what you want. People talk about moving mountains and that’s how life is – you have to climb over the challenges.
      Take care and fight! Leonie

    2. Mmathapelo

      Hi my name is Mmathapelo i have Abet level 4 and grade 11,did part time matric but i failed.I wanna do Ancillary or any nursing courses please help

  6. Hi my name is Mmapule i am a qualified social auxiliary worker and also registered with the SACSSP i am in need of a learner ship i currently leave in Germiston ,My Email address

  7. Hey I am Sibongile I would like to become a professional nurse, I tried to apply for a learnership last year. Unfortunately my application went unsuccessful, later I have found out that I don’t qualify for that learnership then this year I decided to upgrade my life sciences in order to qualify for this learnership. I am still busy with this subject right now, the question is what can I do or use to apply for this learnership for 2017 intake because I am going to get my results on August. or should I wait to apply again next year? Please help me. Thank you in advance

  8. Amanda Reddy

    Dear Leoni
    I am applying on behalf of my domestic whose son, 17 years old has dropped out of school. He has completed Grade 8 and is at home and unemployable with no skills. We would like to encourage him to do a learnership. He currently lives in Springbok but arrives in Cape Town in June 2016. Could you advise us of programmes that we could possibly enrol him in. He will be living in Eerste River in Cape Town.

    1. Hi Amanda! learnerships are job based so you would need to identify jobs he’s interested in and then approach the relevant SETA or the QCTO (which is higher up than the SETAs) for their career development services facility. The barriers to entry are often lowwer for apprenticeships and he may enjoy something that’s more practical rather than office, call centres based etc. Give him access to this website and let him start researching his options so that he owns the solution / decision.

  9. Yvette Langa

    Dear Leonie Hall
    Hi, My name is Yvette. I am applying for an IT bursary and we are required to wright a motivational letter as to why this bursary should be given to me. I have matric and I am currently enrolled at University of South Africa for a diploma in Information Technology. I have completed all my 1st year modules and my wish is to continue with my studies until I finish my qualification and graduate but I don’t have financial aid and that being said I wont be able to continue with my studies. I also need help with constructing a proper CV.
    Please help

    1. Hi Yvette
      Most people studying through UNISA have jobs, if you don’t yet have one – find one. Funding for tertiary education is limited which is why if you want it – get it yourself. I waitressed and worked in bars throughout my studies. Reaching your dreams is hard work and often lonely. Few people are going to care about your struggle so it’s important that you independently find ways to achieve your passion.
      You sound pretty smart…BUT why are you not researching how to write a CV? This is your job as it’s your life – you are accountable for achieving or not achieving your dreams. Sorry if it’s hard…but that’s reality. Fight for your dreams.

  10. Good day Leonie
    Please assist me to write a cover letter for an in training bursary as a Quality Inspector (QC in mechanical engineering). I have tried to raise the funds to study and complete the course on my own but it is approximately R45000, which I simply have not been able to save. I’m a single mother, so the odds of saving are really stacked up against me. I was blessed to find an advert where they are offering the exact same course I wish to do, and I will have to work and train at the firm. I have 4 and a half years experience as a QC Clerk, I handled all the Clerical work, and in addition I have learnt and performed all the actual tasks of the QC’s. I have a vast knowledge of everything that being a QC entails, as well as experience in the industry performing that specific job. I know that I will be the perfect candidate for the bursary. However I just cannot seem to write a cover letter that stands out. I know all too well that a cover letter can either make or break the deal. I really need to get this study bursary please assist me with my letter,

    Kind Regards

  11. ntandoyenkosi

    naa my name is ntando, basically I’m from kzn.i have N3 boiler making and matric.i wish to be a qualified artisan, right now I have theory. it
    hard to find job, cause industry’s want practical and treade test.

  12. Hi, my name is paul, I’m actually resiting in pietermaritzburg. I’ve completed my N6 in electrical engineering, but now I’m looking forward to do the learnership to get more jobs opportunitys and more experience. i will be gratefull for your help.

  13. hi i’m fanwell . i applied fore learnership programme ,and now i’ve got a call that says my c.v is selected with one of those of the candidate who will participate in the boileraker learnership programme .what am i expecting from now ,is it an interview ,medical fitness?,and if is that s ,how are my chances to get this boilermaker learnership?

  14. Good day Leonie Hall

    I am a 36 year old male and am a Forensic Investigator in the SAPS for the past six years.My occupation include but not limited to investigating for clues like fingerprints,exhibits,photography and collecting samples on a crime scene.I communicate well orally or written correspondence at any level as required by my occupation.Now i have thought about changing careers and get into Health and Safety environment.I have done some short causes with NOSA to be employable but my lack of experience hinders my chances.I cant afford to volunteer without a salary because of my parental obligations.

    Please help with some tips to be employable.

    Kind Regards
    Owen M

  15. Hi Leonie can you please help me write a cover letter for Learnership by Health department for nurse training 2017. I did my matric in 2015 and I never worked or study, please send me your suggestion to my email account at Thank you

  16. Good afternoon Mrs Leonie Hall, Is it possible to apply for the other Internships while you are busy with the current one which is for your Work Integrated Learning in order to obtain a National Diploma for Management Assistant.

    1. Be careful of burning your bridges, but always be on the lookout for opportunities that will let you fulfill your potential. Evaluate your reasons for leaving carefully. The company you are applying to won’t be charmed by your lack of loyalty if you want to make the move purely for money.
      Good employers use internships to test for potential new employees – so the new company will wonder about your ability to commit and be loyal to them.
      Internships are usually a maximum of 6 months – if you’re lining up an opportunity before your current one ends, legally, it cannot be held against you. I’m interested in knowing more about your decision, please let me know! Good luck, you own your decisions so make them carefully! Leonie

  17. Ntshangase xolani

    Dear Leonie Hall,my name is Ntshangase Xolani I kindly need a help for apprenticiseship of Engineering Realated and Design (welding)course.I do have grade 12,level 2 ,3 and also some subject for level 4 including welding,please Ms Hall may u help thanks

  18. Good morning everyone
    I’m Paul from tembisa,I need anyone who can assist me with the cover letter for traffic police(RTMC).
    I have matric,drivers license and I’ve studied 1st aid and basic ambulance assistant course,please

  19. hi there
    my name is azwimpheleli
    I have completed my electrical engineering N2 to N6 last year August ,,so I tried best to find practical in deferent campanys and constructions i also tried to apply learnerships but they don’t reply all my requirest please help me I don’t know what do,,,,,,or how move forward


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