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Apply for Banking Learnerships

Want a career in banking and micro-finance? Two banking learnerships ...
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Kelly Kills Unfair BANKSETA Learnership Ad

After complaints that a learnership ad without stipend and proper ...
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Public Enemy: Job Ads No Pay information

Before you apply for a job and enter a wage ...
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Are Learnership Stipends Fair? Trapped Between Business and Black Tax

This post asks if the youth are participating in effective ...
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Agreeing to Income Inequality

The 'working poor,' are increasing. These people spend their productive ...
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Trending industries and jobs: why online job seeking is favourable

Understand trends so you know how to exert power during ...
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Why people work for less pay or below market rate

There is a recruitment belief that there is always someone ...
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Truworths and the Market Related Salary

I've recently criticised a Truworths recruitment strategy targeting vulnerable youth ...
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Truworths Job Ads Against Public Interest?

Many recruitment adverts target unemployed youth and new market entrants ...
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Pay in Job Ads Now! Wreck It Wednesday

Being unemployed in today's economic climate places applicants at a ...
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80 Interview Questions About You

Many readers write in asking about job interview questions. While ...
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Answering Interview Questions About Past Behaviour

Interviewers use behavioural questions to try predict your future behaviour ...
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Interview and Cover Letter Tips for Nursing

The Cover Letter and Interview Preparation Plan what you are ...
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Top Interview Question Answered

Why Do You Want To Work Here? <BANG> This is ...
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Apply for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

People often ask: Is it worthwhile applying for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships? Most times the answer is a definite yes ...
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Beware Fake Colleges Fake Qualifications

Prior to enrolment, students MUST verify the credentials of private colleges or institutions by contacting the DHET Call Centre on the ...
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AGRISETA Funding in 2017

This post lists AGRISETA funded opportunities in 2017 and compares them with those offered in 2016. Awesome news is that ...
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Blade’s Tips: Tertiary Dreams, Finance and Scarce Skills

Advice from Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande about study, work and funding opportunities for Matrics (12 January ...
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Limpopo Public Colleges

Limpopo Rocks! :) The largest group of readers on Keep Climbing appear to be those looking for education contacts in ...
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List of all Public TVET Colleges

Technical and Vocational Education and Training  The Department of Higher Education and Training (abbreviated DHET) administers Post-School Education and Training ...
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Top 10 sites for Finding Learnerships

Learnerships Are Available Throughout the Year If you are unemployed, it's important to keep looking for Learnerships throughout the year ...
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303 Wholesale and Retail Qualifications and Accredited Training Providers

303 Wholesale and Retail Qualification Choices The WRSETA offers diverse career development opportunities for the WR Sector. Qualification titles are ...
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