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Accreditation and the agony of Quality

Accreditation Seminars in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

In an Education and Training organisation, quality is synonymous with business strategy and vision. Failure to control quality throughout the development, delivery and resolution of learning programmes will negatively impact on business growth opportunities.

Although small organisations can get away with flipping between programmes, larger organisations with a need for long term sustainability will need to improve their delivery mechanisms or eventually  be squeezed out by Quality Councils who refuse to approve learner results.

Seminar Topics

You will receive an e-book for each topic prior to the seminar. This resource contains lists of evidence that you must provide to satisfy each of the 8-core criteria for accreditation and MORE! 🙂

This will reduce the time it would usually take you to complete your accreditation application or meet requirements for a site visit for full accreditation.

Accreditation Building Blocks 

Excellent overview of legislation, staffing, content development and market sustainability (3hrs)

QCTO Role, policies, assessment quality partners, qualifications and business impact (3hrs)
Business Strategy, Policy Statement & Quality Council nuances  Structuring evidence for organisation’s aims, objectives and purposes (2 hrs)
Quality Management Systems Establishing processes and  procedures implementing quality management (3 hrs)
Review Mechanisms Evidence required for monitoring and evaluation  systems (2 hrs)
Programme Delivery & Market Expectations

Designing, delivering and evaluating learning programmes for specific markets (2 hrs)

HR Policies How to present staff selection, appraisal and development (2 hrs)
Learner Policies Setting up learner selection, support and development systems for quality assurance
Assessment & RPL Policies Constructing assessment management, methodology and policy (2 hrs)
Management System, Policies and Biz development Presenting financial, administrative, physical structures and resources of the organisation, and procedures of accountability (2 hrs)

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