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10 NEET market composition facts

NEETs are people not in employment, nor in education and training. The statistics describing the NEET market composition can assist organisations with improving their strategies.

NEET Market Facts

  1. 40.3%  about 15 million persons aged 15-64 years were NEET in South Africa in 2016

  2. NEET rates are significantly higher for women than men across all the age groups

  3. the gap in the NEET rates between men and women widens with age

  4. approximately 2.7 million home-makers were NEET

  5. 7.1 million the highest number of NEETs recorded among adults aged 35-64 years

  6. 2.5 million were discouraged job-seekers

  7. 6.6 million NEETs whose highest level of education attainment was less than Grade 12

  8. 3.8 million NEETs with Grade 12

  9. 2.6 million whose education level is primary or less, 1.8 million or 69.9% were 35-64 years

  10. Close to half of the youth is not employed and not in education and training

These facts were extracted from the DHET’s FACT SHEET ON “NEETs”

Leonie Hall is a development economist, social activist and seasoned leader with over 25 years of operation and project management experience in the education, social change and youth development sectors.  A former high school teacher and an HRD specialist with a proven track record of working with government agencies, civil society organisations, communities and grassroots movements, she can provide unique insights for capacitating youth and unemployed markets.

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